We are here not for income, but for outcome

Snowstar Foundation was set up to make an innovative but doable effort in contributing towards improving the level and spread of education and information in Indian society.

The foundation believes that lack of education is at the root of several problems afflicting Indian society. It is a serious impediment to development and improvement in quality of life. Snowstar Foundation aims to make a positive difference in this

area. Education is the first step in achieving the bigger role for the economic, social, cultural, and environmental development of India.

Snowstar Foundation wants to direct its efforts towards meaningful and sustainable improvements instead of temporary relief. We aim to enable and empower people to improve their lives and conditions. Therefore projects and activities supported by Snowstar Foundation are focused on planned human and social development instead of random charity.

Snowstar Foundation programs and activities are managed and monitored through well defined operational processes with emphasis on transparency and accountability.

The vision of the Snowstar Foundation is to use the human capital and invest in building appropriate and practical skills to work towards bringing equity of informed choices and opportunities amongst the most deserving segments in the society to achieve social, cultural and financial development.

  • Snowstar Foundation is deeply committed to promoting education amongst the most underprivileged in rural areas
  • The Foundation is also committed to empowering the women through effective learning and capacity development activities including leadership and management skills leading to sustainable livelihood development.
  • The Foundation intends to converge and bring synergy in its programmes with the existing National Policies and Plans with innovations rather than spending precious resources (both Manpower and Finance) in reinventing.

Snowstar Foundation is committed for the social, economic and political mainstreaming of the marginalized, disempowered section; through awareness, education, knowledge sharing, skill and capacity development and generating sustainable employment opportunities.